You can get what you wish for

I went searching for this image of Neil Gaiman icing his hand and wrist after signing 3,000 books and found this —

Author Neil Gaiman
Author Neil Gaiman

I find it extremely ironic that an author, who know for uniquely stringing words together, is compelled, (right word?) to sign all those books, at the detriment of the very instrument he uses to create.

I’m sure there’s a “Gift of the Magi” type short story in that.

Me, I ain’t got so many words to string together. Currently, I’m flummoxed by so many steps, so I’m attempting to cut, A to B, direct path, but even blog posting has steps. I’ve been struggling with steps/sequencing so I’ve taken up studying Getting Things Done methodology by David Allen. I’ve read the first edition over a decade ago and have attempted to follow it over and over, as much as attempting Nanowrimo. I jumped onto the 2nd edition in 2015 and it’s one of the few books I completed, loaned out and lost. I got an audio copy. Hearing someone speak the practices works better for me. Still, It’s difficult to play catch by myself, I’ve found, I needed to improvise.

I found a terrific resource in the free 14 day trial of their GTD Connect service on their site. I found I can use the deadline to my advantage to ‘sprint’ trough the 14 day (they even provide a path guide!).

The most challenging part is quizzing myself on utilizing the techniques, as I wants to be able to feel I can apply abstract concepts – akin to self teaching karate from a book.

Self-teaching feels much like a distorted bubble for me. I knew someone studying to become a Social Worker who protested his university curriculum as all his social work classes were online.
Not very social.

And here I am, away from the herd, typing on a piece of metal and glass, hoping to create something of value, to bring back the herd.

I better ice up my hand for tomorrow.

This Post is part of Topher’s Type-a-thon Nanowrimo-ish Self-Contest to post something daily in the month of November.