Hello again, friend!

Andy Baio over at waxy.org posted this thing about the death of the personal blog site. I’ve been a respect-er (er) of the long-time work of daddy of RSS, Dave Winer – Check out his site www.scripting.com – What I admire is not what, but how he writes about the topics he’s exploring. And, yes, you may be feeling a bit of ego-tinge do I dare publish? Ya, we heard it before. Well, these two people, among many others, have compelled me to type.

(>-I’m drafting this in a new app to me, Scrivener, gotta Look up turning off hypertext links. UPDATE: I found it under Preferences > Corrections thank you, User manual!<-)

If anything good comes of this, you can thank the amazing friends I made at xoxo. (I’m unable to explain everything on the internet, so expect links and go explore, friend.)

Nanowrimo is 1,667 words a day. I’ve failed this annual contest more than I’ve completed reading novels. Words don’t come too easily for me and while I can create full sentences, it doesn’t demonstrate how long the struggle of coming up with the words while typing is. See what I mean?

A friend suggested writing poetry. When words already feel weird then typing CAMPBELL DOTH PRAYETH THE RAIN doesn’t make me feel any saner.

A few other friends suggested I start video blogging. …Anyway, my thoughts are coming faster than my fingers and don’t know whether  completing is worth the while of editing, yet all we do is require sentences from people. …We shall see.

I’ve owned a wordpress hosted site since 2006. I’ve struggled with coding, setting up user groups. I wanted to even add graphic accents to the site. It’s not like painting a house. Then you finally get to the blinking cursor of writing; exhausted from writing HEXDEV:wh8tever scrambled brains and eggs.

I propose, for the month of November 2016, that I will post once a day on this website. I don’t think I can get to 1,667 words a day without rambling, and without feedback, it’s hard to know if I’m making sense or even ought to engage in the effort. This feels like this is journaling, isn’t it? PLEASE stop me if I describe my day that doesn’t make sense to a stranger.

I don’t think I can get to 1,667 words a day so I will post here everyday but the thing I do might be somewhere else on the internet, cool?

So check back every day for something new.

Work in progress, under construction. Thanks for reading.