Writing Strong

So, My first blog follower. I’ve let you down.

With all my high-faloottin’, fast-typin’ bravado, I declared “I will post once a day for the month of November!” and i did not post for two days.

Sequences got in the way.

The steps for saying that statement and the actual, actionable steps, well, putting that in order in my head can be challenging. Society’s doctors call this Attention Deficit Disorder. I call it a survival technique.

Anyway, I’m typing this now. So there’s your post.

“Blog Post” is such a vague term. How do you know when you’re done? Take texting, for example. The interface of your phone and keyboard make it for short messages, yet there are others skilled to composed, at least fan fiction, on their phones. And fast, and typed propperly(sp).

…my thoughts started racing faster than I type, which is like 15 words a minute, so I lost my train of thought.

This is the point where I paused and looked at what I frosted-typed and figure out a way to tie this post together. In Brené Brown’s book Rising Strong (www.brenebrown.com) which is about rising from loss or failure, she mentions in many autobiographical tales of triumph, we do see the ‘hero’ in the failure part, the athlete sums up it up with ‘I worked hard’.

I am writing this post, for you dear reader, so show you I failed/slash/discovered, that i needed to Clarify what “I will post once a day for the month of November!” was in actionable steps, envision an outcome and aim.

And there’s your Nugget o’ Earned Wisdom.

(Wondering about ‘frosted-typed’ that was another mistake. I decided to leave it in. One mistake is another’s discovery. Maybe ‘frosted-typed’ is a verb for “reviewing one’s Shitty First Draft (SFD)”, another concept from Rising Strong.)